Electrical Motors

Electrical Motors
1. Somfy French Profile

Distribute a wide range of tubular motors with a five year warranty.

Tubular motors and automatic control have been designed for:
• Rolling Shutters
• Retractable Awnings
• Solar screen, Shades
• Blinds
• other Roll-up applications

They provide comfort, energy saving, light control, privacy and security.


• Slim
- The motor shape and size allow it to hide inside tubes with diameters ranging between 25mm and 130mm

• Powerful
- These slim and refined motors are capable of lifting up to 250Kgs and more

• Silent
- These motors are very silent during operation

Automatic controls

• Portable or wall-mounted remote controls
• Individual and group control
• Weather sensor, Sun and Wind control

Radio Technology

• Simple installation with single power connection
• Labor saving, minimal impact in the case of renovation
• Simple programming
• Easy adjustment of limit switch positions
• Perfect rolling shutters opening
• Obstacle detection
• Utmost precision
• Option to set an intermediate position
• Added safety to rolling shutters