False Ceilings

False Ceilings
1. Folda Lebanese Profile

Folda offers a wide range of Aluminum False Ceiling products for residential and commercial use:
• Plafolux 90
• Plafolux 85
• Plafolux 40
• Plafolux 300
• Cassette type 60x60 (metal thickness: 0.65mm)


The False Ceilings are made of formed pre-painted aluminum foil, clipped on a galvanized steel rail. They are easily assembled without special tools


Minimum maintenance

• High rigidity
• Great resistance to corrosion
• Excellent endurance against time and weather
• Easy integration of lighting elements and ventilation openings

Profile / Color

Folda False Ceilings offer a wide variety of profiles and colors satisfying all tastes and needs, creating harmonious and functionally designed high quality products