Roofs and Skylights

Roofs and Skylights

1. TECHNAL French Profile

MX Sloped Glazing

The MX system allows sloped glazing to be created in MX Visible Grid or MX.
Tram Vertical. Uniform appearance. These options give specifies flexibility to construct sloped roofs, atria, canopies, valleys and pyramids, which are fully compatible and visually consistent with the vertical façade.


2. Sidem / Alakso Lebanese Profile

Steel Structures

Aluminum profiles used for skylight structures in its natural state do not need protection against corrosion or UV. Further modifications, can also be provided, drilled or welded, with additional corrosion, maintenance, repairs or scratches in the careless handling of the additional profiles.
The construction of a typical skylight is a series of profiles of massive strength aluminum alloy and the accessories. The basic profile is screwed on the base (rim) skylight. Load-bearing profiles are screwed to the basic profile. The aluminum construction of the PC boards are laid, which is locked at the bottom of the glazing bar. Upper rail is then mounted with screws.